Prostate Aware Event – September 1st, 2014

As many of our clients know, Revive Hair Loft has partnered up for the last two years with the Cross Cancer here in Edmonton to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research. Our month long event was called Grovember. This year the Cross and Revive went back to the drawing board and started something new. We are still raising money for Prostate Cancer Research but it made sense to distance ourselves from other great charities and redefine our fantastic month long event starting in SEPTEMBER, not November. Our new event in September is called “Prostate Aware”.

We’ve changed this event to land in the month of Prostate Cancer Awareness month, which the Cross explained to us; we thought it was in November. We won’t be growing any facial hair this September so ladies you can really support this cause without having to grow your 5 O’clock shadow . Revive has teamed up with Good Luck Socks which is a local business that has an amazing variety of men’s and women’s socks. They will be selling all types of blue socks for the month of September and Good Luck Socks will donate $2 for every sock sold on their website. Here at Revive we will also be selling these stylish socks to raise money so come on down starting September!

We are stressing the importance of raising money here in Alberta for Albertans. If anyone is interested to see who is tackling Prostate Cancer Research there are many articles to read about Dr. John Lewis and the amazing work he’s doing right here in Edmonton!

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