Supporting local, Skivs underwear – April 16th, 2016

At Revive Hair Loft we support everything local, our client Ben Fortier started this underwear company and we couldn’t resist selling them.  They are by far the best pair of underwear your going to put on.

About Skivs:

We believe something very simple – When you look good, you feel good. When you put your underwear on in the morning you should feel like the best version of yourself. It should give you the confidence you need to get out there and crush it!

SKIVS Men aren’t running around with clowns on their crotch. As other guys are haphazardly collecting jokes that fill their drawers, SKIVS builds a foundational wardrobe that keeps you professional, stylish, and dangerous (if looks could kill anyway).

Our quest was to create the world’s best undergarment and respect your hard earned dollars. And gentlemen, we’ve done it. Every morning when you slide on a pair of SKIVS you realize that you are even better than you thought you were.

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