WCFW (Western Canada Fashion Week) – March 25th, 2013

Cowboy’s vs. Alien’s  


March 25th, 2013 was our first experience at Western Canada Fashion show so we wanted to make some noise.  Nicole was inspired to bring Cowboy’s vs. Alien’s, she thought there would be great contrast between the two.  We wanted to use as much of the models real hair as possible so what you see is about 10% hair extensions.  Our talented team wanted to bring to life a show that would catch the attention of the crowd and we hope it did.  We put together a show that inspired our team to use their creativity and strive to push the boundaries.  Enjoy the pictures!

Hair – Revive Hair Loft

Make Up – Shana Chowdhury

Body/Face Paint – Karlie & Shyloh Raypold

Photography – Lisa-Marie Photography


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