By Nicole Fusco

Perms making a comeback

Perms are making a comeback; yes, you’ve read that right.  Now before you say, “I’m not down for that whole poodle look”, you need to forget about the perms your grandma use to get and welcome a more gentle and more relaxed version.  This modern-day perm is all about the wave!  Celebrities like Mandy Moore, Julianne Hough, and Jamie King have taken the plunge.  The results are fantastic, the beachy wave that we all love.  When we look at the difference in chemicals used from past to present, these modern-day perms are definitely getting 2018 technology and thank god for that.  There is something to consider before you start calling salons about perms and that’s the current health of your hair.  If you have pre-lightened hair to begin with, then perms are most likely a no no but ultimately your hair stylist should give their expert opinion about what chemical service is possible for your hair.  Now if you’re the rare human that has virgin hair (it’s like finding a unicorn in 2018) and are looking for some more body and texture then perm away!


The Treatment you should add to your perm

There is a product that could save your hair from the damage that inevitably occurs when being permed (yes these modern perms still damage hair but so does colouring and that hasn’t stopped any of us), that product is called Olaplex.  This revolutionary in-salon treatment has been a game changer in the way salons across the globe colour hair and this can also be used for perms.  Our hair is made up of keratin which is a protein, that protein contains disulfide bonds which is what gives our hair its shape.  The perm process breaks these bonds to re-structure the physical shape; the first step of Olaplex rebuilds those broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.  If your willing to spend the money to perm your hair, you should spend the extra little bit to add Olaplex, it’s like adding insurance for your hair.

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