T3 VOLUME Round Brush


Time to round out your brush game. Designed with a luxe rose gold aluminum and ceramic-coated barrel, this professional round brush works with dryer heat to shape hair during styling, adding exceptional volume. Its vented body allows air to flow freely, ensuring smooth, shiny results, while the grippable non-slip handle provides extra control for easy styling.

Aluminum + ceramic coated barrel

Designed with a luxe rose gold aluminum + ceramic barrel for smooth, shiny results.

Non-slip handle

Soft touch material and texture of handle provides better control for effortless styling.

  • Aluminum + Ceramic-coated Barrel Shape hair during styling, adding body and volume
  • Vented Body Allows air to flow freely
  • Heat Resistant Bristles Gently smooth hair
  • Soft Non-slip Handle For better control and effortless styling
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