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Who We Are

Introducing our talented team! Each stylist brings their own individual style to the chair, allowing them to showcase artistic and creative freedom and give our clients a well-rounded experience.


Nicole Fusco


Since Nicole could talk, becoming a hair stylist was all that she had ever wanted to do. That passion fueled her dream to one day own a salon with a group of like-minded individuals, so after collaborating with her business-savvy brother, Mark, they opened Revive Hair Loft in 2012. Nicole has been in the hair industry for almost 20 years and is our leader in the salon; she fosters growth in others, never asks a team member to do something that she wouldn't do herself, and supports both her team and her clients with patience and encouragement. She always leads by example; while in hair school, Nicole won gold at Skills Canada but was unable to receive her award because she left once her competition was complete to make sure she wasn't late for her job! That's the dedication she's always had and continues to lead with every day. She's been the creative director of her own shows at Western Canada Fashion Week, has had her work published in multiple magazines including Phabrik, Blush, Coco Fashion, Country Fresh, and Elegant Magazine, has been an educator for Bumble & Bumble and Oribe, and has traveled to New York, L.A., Montreal, and Las Vegas for ongoing education. A triple-threat artist in cutting, colouring, and styling, Nicole is in her element when faced with anything from a detailed bridal up do, a complex colour correction, or a intricately detailed precision cut. In her own words, to “never stop learning, and always stay curious” has carried Nicole through her astounding career and has led her to develop into the top-tier artist that she is today.


Mark Fusco

Owner/Operating Manager

Mark always knew he wanted to one day start his own business, but what he didn’t expect was that his sister, Nicole, wanted to start one too! Although the idea of a hair salon hadn’t occurred to him at the time, his business management education and customer service experience provided the perfect compliment to Nicole’s creative skill behind the chair. Mark has worked in the customer service industry for nearly 15 years and brings all his knowledge and experience to each interaction with his team and the clients at Revive. He thrives on connecting and engaging with people in meaningful ways, and the salon provides the perfect environment for just that. As Co-Owner and Operating Manager, you’ll often find Mark – well, anywhere and everywhere! Whether he’s assisting a client in-person or on the phone, organizing your online order, or managing the business behind-the-scenes, Mark’s attention to detail and organization ensures that everything gets done. His approachable demeanour and attentive personality will make you feel comfortable and listened to, and he will always make the time to sit down and engage with, support, and encourage his team. Mark's always preached that in order to grow you need to constantly learn new things and get outside your comfort zone; at Revive, he shows his team just that each and every day.


Corie Koebel


When you book with Corie, you're not only getting your hair done by someone with 30 years of experience and knowledge with the grace and talent to boot; you're also connecting with someone with a huge passion for the outdoors who could be your tour guide for all the hidden gems around Alberta. Corie’s cooking skills are out of this world and she always keeps our bellies full, especially during the holidays with her delicious baking. Thoughtful and attentive, Corie always prioritizes her clients needs from the moment they walk through the door. She values education and ensures that continuous growth and refinement remains a priority. Corie excels at cutting short styles such as pixies, structured bobs, and razor cuts, and has mastered both colouring and working with curly hair. You don't make it this long in the beauty industry unless you have a strong dedication and passion for your craft like Corie.


Jaclyn Iskiw


If you hear a loud infectious laugh or overhear someone telling a funny joke, you’ve met Jaclyn. There's no secret as to why she's been in the industry for over 20 years; she has a dedication to both her craft and making her clients feel like family. With a fiercely loyal clientele, Jaclyn has shown just how welcoming her chair is, bringing people back time and time again with her talent for cutting, dimensional colours, and helping her bright blondes to shine. Her loyalty to her clients can easily be compared to her obsession for sports; a true die-hard Oiler fan, if she’s not wearing a jersey on game day then something’s wrong! You know you’ll always feel at home when you take a seat in Jaclyn’s chair.


Caila Beaudoin


If you hear someone singing or see someone busting a move, we assure you it’s Caila. She has an infectious bubby personality that you always want to be around, and if you're having a bad day she's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. An absolute pro at hilarious voiceover reels on TikTok and Instagram, Caila is our resident comedian. In addition to making her clients feel relaxed and entertained, she strives at cutting, colouring, and styling all lengths and textures of hair. Caila's love for hair goes beyond the chair, having been an integral part of multiple Western Canada Fashion Week events as well as numerous magazine-published photoshoots. When you’re around Caila, it’s very easy to feel her passion for hair and see the strong connections she establishes with her clients.


Lucy Lim


Lucy is like a Swiss army knife: she can do it all. A proud mama of four, she continues to push her abilities and hone her craft, truly demonstrating her love and dedication to the industry. An artist in both cutting and colouring, Lucy tackles bright and bold reds and blondes with ease, bringing richness and vitality to each strand. With Lucy, you’ll always find yourself in the company of a kind heart and skilled hand.


Morgan Graf


When you see Morgan, you’ll be met with the warmest welcome. Her bubbly personality paired with her calm presence makes you feel like you’re sitting down with your best friend. She is passionate about brunette colours, long beachy lived-in styles and cuts, and specializes in extensions. Ongoing education is very important to Morgan, which is why you’ll always see her researching the newest trends on social media and attending the latest classes to keep her clients styles on point. Morgan is a contributor to Revive’s social media platforms, but if you check out her own Instagram, you’ll find she also loves sharing her knowledge on products, their uses, and how to tell which ones are best for you. When you sit in Morgan’s chair, you’ll leave feeling fabulous!


Kelsey Seib


The first thing you notice about Kelsey is her bubbly, animated personality, and just how amazing it feels to be around her. It’s very easy to see the love and energy her clients have for her when they’re in her chair; Kelsey is attentive, engaging, and talented at her craft. She specializes in colouring, cutting, extension work, updo’s and brand styling which is elevated and confident styling for longevity in front of the camera no matter the occasion. In the summer you’ll be seeing her in and out of the salon styling Brides and their squad. On top of making sure you look smokin’ hot for any celebration, Kelsey will also be making you cry-laugh with her educational reels and hilarious temperament. When it comes to advocating for her client’s hair wellbeing, Kelsey is second to none, and always takes the time to educate and support her clients through all their transformations, big or small.


Kimberly Deboice


Kimberly’s funny, goofy, and easy going presence will leave you feeling relaxed for the rest of your day. When Kimberly enters the salon, you know she’s always bringing three things with her: a hilarious joke, a bright smile, and a fun new snack to share with the team. Some of her favourite services to do are trendy fashion colours, extensions, bright blondes, and precise barber cuts. She is passionate about her craft; you can see it when she’s cocktailing the perfect formula for her clients or going above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable. You’re guaranteed to leave her chair with a smile on your face!


Mia Holdstock


Mia (pronounced “Maya”), our lovely receptionist, is the first person you’re likely to see when you enter the salon. Her fun-loving energy and calm demeanour will have you feeling instantly relaxed. She is an important part of our team, tackling all the details that keep the salon running including booking appointments, taking care of all our beautiful plants, creating the next trending TikTok video, and making each client feel comfortable and welcome. Next time you’re in, don’t be afraid to ask her for a latte - her barista skills are second to none!


Camilla Valenzuela


Camilla is a double-threat; not only a hair stylist, she is also Revive’s makeup artist. She began her career in makeup before expanding her skills into the hair industry where she has spent the last two years training one-on-one with Revive’s Co-owner and lead stylist, Nicole Fusco. Some of her favourite things to do are long styles, lived-in hair looks, brilliant blondes, and rich brunettes. Camilla’s energy is warm and calming, and when you’re in her chair she’s zoned in on you and her craft. Although she’s not the loudest one at the salon, her taste in music is fire, so it’s usually one of her playlists you’ll hear at the salon. Camilla is also a contributor to Revive’s social media, creating aesthetically pleasing and educational content. You’ll be sure to be feeling fresh and looking flawless after seeing Camilla!


Gabriella Tessier


Gabriella has a welcoming, attentive and lighthearted energy. She is as eager to learn about each of her clients needs as much as she is in seeking out new learning opportunities to apply to her growing clientele. She has been working alongside Co-owner and lead stylist Nicole Fusco, as well as senior stylist Caila Beaudoin, in addition to accepting her own clients. Some of her favourite services to provide are lived-in colours, beachy blondes, chocolate brunettes, and precise cuts. Gabriella has a talent for learning (and remembering) small details and unique quirks about the clients that she meets; when you leave her chair, you’ll feel valued and appreciated - she really is a great listener!

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